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SuperEasy Backup Pro

Full-featured backup and restore utility to preserve your important data
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When in need of a reliable, easy-to-set-up, and full-featured backup utility, SuperEasy Backup Pro is a serious option to consider. Designed to be helpful for all types of users regardless of their computer skills, this program will let you define and manage your own backup plans and profiles, protect your backup files, and restore them in a simple way.

The program offers you an intuitive interface with wizard-like options when needed. Setting up a new backup plan is one of those options, and all you need to do to design your customizable plan is follow the steps provided. The first choice you need to make is the type of backup you want the program to perform – a full backup or a specific set of files and folders. The former will include the entire system, OS included, and will allow you to restore a perfect clone of your system in case of hard disk failure. The latter is much more flexible, and will allow you to select specific files and folders manually, files related to your Internet browsing, e-mails, media files (selectable by type), etc. Likewise, you have the chance to define which files from you selection will be excluded from the backup. SuperEasy Backup Pro can protect your backups from being used by the wrong person by encrypting and/or protecting them with a password. This option is as useful as it is dangerous – if you happen to forget the password you used to protect your backup files, these will turn unusable. You can also schedule automatic backups – daily, weekly, or on a more customized basis.

You can set up as many backup plans as you need – for instance, you can have plans for specific files, another plan for a full backup, plans that back up specific files at specific times, etc. All of these plans are easily modified when required using the program’s plan manager and you can restore any of your backups just as easily from the corresponding option. All in all, SuperEasy Backup Pro is an excellent backup tool that offers you a high level of flexibility, ease of use, and a set of security and scheduling options that you don’t easily find in many other similar tools.

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  • Customizable backup plans.
  • Allows you to schedule detailed backup plans.
  • Comprehensive backup reports.
  • Encrypted and password-protected backups.
  • Attractive and intuitive interface.
  • Wizard-like backup customization


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